Assignments & Projects

Recent Assignments and Projects

Since 1996, Mr. Graham has undertaken some 400 governance-related projects. This document provides a description of some of his more recent assignments and projects.

Comprehensive List of Assignments and Projects Undertaken by John Graham

Mr. Graham’s firm offers the following services:

  • design and facilitation of small and large group meetings
  • policy-oriented research
  • design and delivery of governance workshops focusing on board and Council governance, policy development, strategic planning and constitutional development
  • speaker at conferences and workshops
  • program evaluation
  • design and delivery of professional development courses on governance and Aboriginal issues, and
  • creation of governance tools

The Annexes (A through G) in this document provide a sampling of some of his experience and skills in each of these service areas. Annex H focuses on Mr. Graham’s approach to project management. Annex I lists many of Mr. Graham’s publications.

Towards Reconciliation course posterTowards Reconciliation with First Nations: Narrowing the Community Well-being Gap through Improved Governance and Community Healing

This one-day course, offered under the auspices of the Centre for Public Management and Policy at the University of Ottawa, explores the system under which First Nations are governed including among other things the legal framework, intergovernmental relationships, the make-up of the First Nation governments, the role of media and the historical and cultural context. It teases out the characteristics that make this governance system both unique and in many cases highly dysfunctional. It then turns to the difficult challenge of how governance and related community healing can be improved in a sustainable manner. Finally the course focuses on a number of policy options that might help improve governance and community healing and lead to a narrowing of the community well-being gap with the rest of Canada.

Mike Degagne, the Executive Director of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, and John Graham are co-facilitators of this course. Please contact the Centre for Public Management and Policy at for further information.

Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples (February 9, 2011)

John Graham appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples on February 9, 2011 regarding Bill S-11, Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act. View the video below.